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Boondocking Fernley Nevada

boondocking fernley nevada

Boondocking Fernley Nevada

Written By: Andrew
April 22, 2020

Boondocking Fernley Nevada

The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry by Robert Burns, aptly describes what happened today when we planned to stay at Cabela’s Verdi Nevada. Having left Susanville our plan was to stop over night at Cabela’s and then head down to Lake Tahoe. However, on arrival at Cabela’s we are swiftly greeted by man (I assume either and employee or security person) and informed us that there is no overnight parking here anymore. Or for that matter, as we were to find out over the next hour anywhere in Reno. Rv’s are not welcome to park overnight for free anywhere in Reno. Plans to visit Lake Tahoe shot, due to COVID 19 and lack of free parking locations. So, boondocking Fernley Nevada quickly becomes our next option. Located 70 kilometres east of Verdi, where we are currently parked.

Granted, this isn’t our preferred option, we have quickly become adapted to changing our plans on the run these days. With places closing daily, planning becomes that much harder. However, that is all part of the fun when you travel. Therefore, boondocking Fernley Nevada is our new plan. As a result, we are travelling along I-80 with very gusty winds, that have the RV dancing all over the road. It is only 70 kilometres, but it seems like forever with this wind. Finally, we come over a rise and the Loves Travel Stop sign can be seen, plain as day.

loves travel stop sign travel is sweet

Thankfully, as the wind seemed to be getting stronger! Loves Travel Stop is a large truck stop. As with most places in Nevada there is a casino attached to it. It also has an Arby’s and a well-stocked shop.

boondocking fernley nevada arbys

Boondocking Fernley Nevada Loves Travel Stop

This is a popular stop for trucks as seen by the parking lot. It caters very well to them with lots of overnight parking spots, showers and restrooms. Also, food for the truckies, who are carrying the supplies for the States at the moment. They deserve a lot of thanks for supplying the basics to shops around America. For those of us in RV’s they accommodate us very well. Loves Travel Stop, graciously, allowed us to park overnight.

our spot travel is sweet

While Arby’s was available for drive through, dining room service was closed but takeaway was still allowed. The parking lot was fairly level, however we still had to use some levelling blocks. Lighting was good and we felt safe. On the flip side it was a tad noisy with trucks arriving and leaving throughout the night.

boondocking fernley nevada freeway

Overall, boondocking Fernley Nevada at Loves Travel Stop was a pleasant experience. It provided us with a solution that Reno couldn’t. The AT&T signal was good. Furthermore, they had a dump station and potable water available.

boondocking fernley nevada dump station

potable water travel is sweet

Though for us we didn’t need to use those today. However, the wind continued long into the night.


Cost: Free stayed 1 night
Access: *****
Location: *****
Cleanliness: *****
Site Quality: *****
Noise: ***
Safety: *****
AT&T Signal: ****
GPS: 39.61805152 -119.26599884

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Andrew & Carolyn

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