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Lisianna Hotel Apartments Hervey Bay Review

lisianna hotel apartments sign

Lisianna Hotel Apartments Hervey Bay Review

Written By: Andrew
February 17, 2021

Lisianna Hotel Apartments Hervey Bay Review

​Although our international travel has been halted for the foreseeable future, due to COVID19, travel within our home state of Queensland, is still possible. Being back in Australia 9 months, we finally travelled away for the weekend. Our destination was the whale watching town of Hervey Bay Queensland. Having heard, so much about Hervey Bay, we looked forward to spending the weekend there. Our accommodation for the weekend would be Lisianna Hotel Apartments. As always, we used booking.com to search and book our accommodation. In fact, we have found that 99% of the time they have the best prices. I did the research for this hotel, (usually Carolyn does) and for good reasons, as it turns out. Whilst I did the checking for the mandatory facilities, such as air conditioning, free parking, and free Wi-Fi. Carolyn is more thorough in her investigation and for good reason.

lisianna hotel apartments view

Those of you that know Carolyn will understand what I am talking about. While I kid her of her OCD tendencies, she rarely gets our accommodation wrong. Me, on the other hand should stick to what I do best 😊, planning where we go and getting us there. As this weekend showed, I need to improve my researching skills. For those of you that do not know where Hervey Bay is, it is situated about 285 kilometres north of Brisbane on the Fraser Coast. World heritage listed Fraser Island lays just off the coast, and whales flock here during their annual migration up and down the eastern coast of Australia. Diving, swimming, and sailing are just a few activities available at Hervey Bay. It is a beautiful area and well worth a visit.

lisianna hotel apartments hervey bay

Lisianna Hotel Apartments Review

Carolyn and I have travelled extensively and stayed in many types of accommodation. Thus, we have a few must haves when we book a place to stay for the night. We are by no means fussy or require the best, just a few basic musts. While, Lisianna Hotel Apartments did have the basic facilities we look for, they had a few issues. I get quite hot when I sleep, so having air-conditioning in the bedroom is pretty high on the list. Whilst air conditioning was provided it was only in the lounge room and did not cool the bedroom down. The mattress was a bit hard, we prefer a softer mattress. The other issue we found was the amount of noise from the road in front of the Lisianna Hotel Apartments. It was very loud and constant, even when we closed the doors and windows.

lisianna hotel apartments entrance

Now, we are not saying the Lisianna Hotel Apartments are terrible and do not stay here. We are just pointing out some of the issues we found. There were some positives as well. The front apartments had a beautiful view of the bay.

lisianna hotel apartments our room

The managers were lovely, giving us lots of information for things to do. They also brought us some home-made slice which was lovely. It is centrally located and has many cafés and restaurants within walking distance. If you decide to stay here, check that the air conditioning is included in the price, as you may have to pay extra to use it. The other small issue we had was that you had to make sure to do the dishes, take out the rubbish and turn off all the appliances. Whilst this is common these days for self-contained, why is this not included.

lisianna hotel apartments parking


Location: ****

Staff: *****

Service: **

Room: **

Price: **

Address: 338 The Esplanade Hervey Bay, Queensland 4655
Phone: 4124 2950

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