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Boulder Exploring

boulder court house travel is sweet

Boulder Exploring

Written By: Andrew
September 20, 2018

Boulder Exploring

Mork, calling Orson. Come in, Orson!!! Na-Nuu, Na-Nuu, today we are heading into Boulder Colorado to survey the earthly surroundings. Our spaceship is being piloted by Kate our earthling home owner’s daughter. Mork (aka Andrew) and Mindy (aka Carolyn) are buckled in to their respective space sits. Launch has commenced, driveway clear, engines on and all systems go for launch. As we hurtle along through the universe we see new and wonderful scenes. Alongside us, dozens of other spaceships are speeding along to see who reaches their destination first. Our pilot is keeping up with them, so it’s a good thing we are buckled in tight. In the foreground the outer reaches of our planet are changing from open country with a backdrop of mountains. Into a cluster of asteroids (aka houses) as we begin our descent into Boulder.

boulder treelined st travel is sweet

In the distance a landing pad is open, so our pilot careful moves the spaceship into position. But wait, from the outer cosmos another spaceship hurtles in and steals our landing pad. Shazbot!!! Mork exclaims, dam Martians!!! Hence, our pilot surveys the horizon and finds an underground spaceship landing dock. She manoeuvres our spaceship delicately into position and lands softly. Upon exiting our spaceship, we follow the signs to enter our new earthly frontier. Surprisingly we are greeted by a cooler climate to what we have had over the last three weeks with temperatures in the mid to late 30’s. However, this changed as the earthling’s day went on.

boulder cafe travel is sweet

Boulder Acclimation Complete     

Time has come to explore our unique environment of Boulder. As a result of our acclimation our alter egos come to the fore. Boulder is situated at the base of the Rocky Mountains and 40 Kms northwest of Denver. It sits 1655 metres above sea level and it is home to the main campus of the University of Colorado. To the west of the city sits the iconic rock formation called the Flatirons made up of sedimentary rock. Average temperatures range from a low of -6 c in winter to a high of 31 c in summer. Outdoor activities within and around Boulder include rock climbing, hiking, and mountain biking just to name a few. For a comprehensive guide to Boulder please check out this link.

boulder flatirons travel is sweet

In the middle of Boulder lies the Pearl Street Mall which has been blocked to traffic and is vibrant and full of pedestrians. Across both sides of the mall, shops with rustic facades, cafes, restaurants and bars line its edges. In the centre of the mall lovely flower beds with flowering plants dot the landscapes. Also, numerous sculptures, food vans and a water fountain for kids to play are incorporated into the mall. As we stroll through the mall we feel a sense of freedom as three months ago we were both stuck in a rut. The air is beginning to warm as we approach noon, we head into Starbucks for a coffee and a chat.

boulder pearl st mall travel is sweet

Tree Lined Streets

Finishing our coffee’s, we head back into the mall and wind our way back on the other side. We stop for pictures along the way, to capture the beauty that is Boulder as well as recording our memories. As we approach the middle of the mall, a beautiful building the court house connects via a garden path. With a lovely paved path and surrounding gardens, people sit eating their lunch soaking up the tranquillity. Continuing up the mall we see a candy store, we make a detour inside to explore and maybe buy something. In spite of my sweet tooth we ended up buy nothing but had a laugh at some of the bottles of drinks, pictured below. Finally, we reached the end of the mall, we continue to meander up the tree lined street. To the right we pass some lovely ornate houses with beautiful gardens.

boulder candy soda travel is sweet boulder candy store travel is sweet

Further up the street and to the right of us we get a view of the Flatirons behind a cute building. I was able to grab some images but because of the position of the sun they weren’t the best. Anyway, we still got a shot so I’m happy with that. In view of the time we decided to head back to the spaceship and bid a fond farewell to Boulder. On the whole we have had an awesome time exploring downtown Boulder and all it has to offer. We would highly recommend a visit if you are close by, as Boulder won’t disappoint you.

Until next week, this is Mork signing off.

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Take care

Andrew & Carolyn

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