House Sitting Geordies

House sitting Geordies promises to be an adventure. Although three big dogs may be challenging, we look forward to bonding with them. Two Weimaraner, one Gordon Setter are breeds we haven’t sat before. Thus, familiarising ourselves with their little quirks and personalities will no doubt be entertaining. In fact, having a family connection to Newcastle makes house sitting Geordies a touch nostalgic. In front of us lies the driveway to this house sit and within its walls five days of the unknown. Entering we are greeted boisterously by Hamish, Reeva and Grace. Our companions, whom we will grow to love over the coming days. Straightaway, we learn that we will be changed physically and mentally by these three canines. In such a positive way as they are such loving dogs, even though they are humungous.

House Sitting Geordies

Firstly, we have the lovebug of the group and the biggest. Hamish is a Gordon Setter with so much love to give, you would think he is human. Hence, when he is after a smooch you need to be ready for his full weight. In fact, given the chance he will end up on your lap like a cat. However, this ends up with us covered in Hamish 😊. For those that remember a movie called “Any which Way You Can” with Clint Eastwood you would remember Clyde his orangutan. Clyde is loving, affectionate and such a character. In essence, Hamish is tarred from the same brush. Hence, sometimes we affectionately called Hamish, Clyde.

hamish house sitting geordies travel is sweet

hamish clyde house sitting geordies travel is sweet

Secondly, we have the crazy one who was a little stand offish to start. Reeva, the first of the Weimaraner’s is full of energy and cheeky to boot. Not to mention she loves to play tug-o-war with her ball. She is one of the strongest dogs I have ever played ball with. I couldn’t get it out of her mouth when she had it, I only got it, when she let me, so I could throw it for her. Although shy at the start she opened up and had a very loving nature. In fact, she also loved the attention and would compete with Hamish to get it.

reeva house sitting geordies travel is sweet

reeva relaxing house sitting geordies travel is sweet

Her Name Says It All

Grace the matriarch of the group has the sweetest of natures. She sits on the lounge like the Queen and watches over her subjects. In general, she will give first dibs to both Hamish and Reeva for our affection, and she will wait until they finish and then come for her turn. Her lady like mannerisms and gentleness will win over the hardest of hearts. Not to mention her love for the warm spot in front of the fire. Overall, Grace by name Grace by nature.

grace house sitting geordies travel is sweet

grace on bed house sitting geordies travel is sweet

However, come meal time, house sitting Geordies pets, morphs into an entirely different situation. It resembles the throng of people clambering through the doors of the Boxing Day Sales back home in Australia. No place for the weak or frail of nature, it is dog verse dog verse human 😊. Ok, maybe I’m stretching the truth a little but they do love their food. See the video below of a standard meal time circus. Nevertheless, these three beautiful natured dogs have lots of love to give. Granted, house sitting Geordies, was an eventful five days, filled with fun laughter and lots of cuddles. Ultimately, Hamish (Clyde), Reeva and Grace won us over with their love and affection. Forever, etched in our memories is our time house sitting Geordies. 

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Andrew & Carolyn

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