Morning Coffee Afternoon Tea Review

morning coffee afternoon tea travel is sweet

Morning Coffee Afternoon Tea Review

Written By: Andrew
March 20, 2019

Morning Coffee Afternnon Tea Review

For those that love morning coffee afternoon tea, we do too!!! Travelling around the world we have been fortunate to patronise many cafes, drinking lots of coffee.  In fact, cafes are probably the number one places we have frequented in our travels. On the whole, we haven’t discovered too many places where we have really enjoyed the coffee, till now. Overall, we have found the coffee has been bitter, too strong or weak or just doesn’t taste good. So, to our great surprise in a small village north of York UK, we have unearthed a perfect little café. Having now dropped in on this cafe twice in a week we can honestly say that it is the best café we have been too. So, what makes this café so great in our eyes you may ask?

morning coffee afternoon tea inside travel is sweet

That’s a good question, which hopefully, I can shed some light on for you. Morning Coffee Afternoon Teacafé is situated in the lovely country village of Easingwold in Yorkshire. Entering the café, you get a sense of home radiating through the place. The aromas of freshly prepared food and coffee fill every nook of the café. We are greeted warmly by our host as we take a seat to peruse the menu. Having asked some questions about the menu, we order two caramel lattes and two egg and bacon rolls. Now, we relax in our big comfortable chairs and watch the world go by through the big windows. Before long we are presented with our caramel lattes, the coffee fragrance wafting upwards tantalizing our olfactory sensors. Followed closely by our egg and bacon rolls, that round off the bouquet of amazing food scents.

morning coffee afternoon tea menu travel is sweet

The Holy Grail of Coffee

Raising the glass to my mouth I pick up the aromatic smell of the coffee blended with the sweet perfume of caramel. Taking that first sip, bliss fills my being. The smooth roasted coffee coupled with the sweet blend of caramel caress my taste buds. As the golden liquid descends to my core the thoughts of the next sip itch my mind. Coffee addicts know what I mean, right!!! 😊 The itch that can only be scratched by that next wonderful mouthful of coffee. Turning to the egg and bacon that sits between a soft white roll catches my eye. Albeit, I am taken away from my coffee I take the roll between my hands and take that first initial bite. Love envelops my taste buds, they are torn between roll or coffee. Hence, I have to share the love from coffee to roll and back.

morning coffee afternoon tea brunch travel is sweet

Ok, so I may be over dramatizing a little, but the fact is the coffee and the bacon and egg roll were delicious and worthy of a post. Also, the service was excellent the staff were very friendly and courteous. Our bill was £12 which we believe is brilliant compared to what we have paid at other cafes. The ambience was lovely and our overall experience was wonderful. We enjoyed it so much we have been back already and intend to go once more before we leave Easingwold. On our second visit, we had lattes again, also a BLT sandwich and Chicken and mayo sandwich. Both were lovely and this bill was only £11. If you ever visit Easingwold UK we highly recommend stopping in and having a bite to eat and a coffee. 5 stars from us 😊.

morning coffee afternoon tea counter travel is sweet

Morning Coffee Afternoon Tea Details

Address: 97 Long St, Easingwold, York YO61 3HY
Phone: 07375 035333

morning coffee afternoon tea map travel is sweet

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