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Amazingly nine months have passed since we started out on our epic life changing adventure. To say the time has passed quickly would be an understatement. In those nine months we have seen some awe inspiring sights, made incredible new friends and bonded with fantastic animals. Pet sitting internationally was just a dream this time last year. However, one year on, it is our normal way of life and God willing, will be for the foreseeable future. Pet sitting internationally has opened our eyes to how life can be different from what most people consider normal. Now, I know this lifestyle isn’t for everyone and to be honest most people probably think we are crazy. But, having experienced it and seeing how our values of what truly matters have changed we wonder why we didn’t do it earlier. Could you see yourself doing this?

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To demonstrate what we have accomplished while pet sitting internationally, I thought I would give you a quick overview. As of 19th of May 2019 we arrive back in Brisbane. Having been gone for 267 days this is a list of interesting numbers

  • 13 House Sits totalling 161 days
  • Stayed at 4 places of Family members or friends totalling 39 days
  • 64 days of paid accommodation
  • 14 plane flights 3 of which were overnight
  • Hired 4 cars totalling 69 days
  • Taken 25 train trips
  • 36 buses
  • 16 shuttle buses
  • 4 ubers/grabs
  • House sat in 3 continents but 5 countries
  • Visited 8 countries
  • Travelled to/through 17 US states
  • Driven well over 12000 kilometres
  • Flown 45500 kilometres

This is just a few of the statistics, it’s pretty amazing looking back. We have yet to calculate the dollars we have spent but we will do that in the coming weeks.

How Can We Afford To Travel On A Tight Budget

Due to the fact that we are pet sitting internationally it will be a lot less than you would expect if you were to holiday for nine months. Having decided pet sitting internationally was our new life we sold everything. Hence the only monthly bill we have is our mobile phone, which is pretty cool. Carolyn works remotely which is our main source of income, and I am building our website, which is bringing in small amounts of money from affiliate marketing. My other focus is on to get our website to rank well on google. As they say content is king, thus content is my main goal currently. Therefore, I would love some travel stories from friends and family that I can post on Travel is Sweet. So, hit me with your interesting stories and submit at “Become a Contributor”.

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All our affiliate links can be seen on our main page at Travel is Sweet. It would be wonderful if you need any of those services if you could use our links, as the companies pay us a small commission, but it doesn’t cost you anything, to use our links. The main link that I feel would be useful for most travellers is our affiliation with (click this link to go to our affiliate page with them). It is a great site for booking your hotel accommodation. We have been using them for years for great deals and savings. Also, we have an affiliation for those that may like to earn extra money teaching English from home. Click on this link for more information about how to begin. All my photos on our site are for sale. If you wish to purchase any please contact me.

Patience is a Virtue

As you can see it takes a while to start earning money from a blog but we are slowly getting there. Pet sitting internationally, is our new lifestyle and we are loving it. Thus, this gives me the time to work on our blog and bringing to life new projects. Please stay tuned, as they will be coming in the near future.

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So as our first year of pet sitting internationally comes to an end, we begin to focus, plan and book our next 12 months.

Join Us

We would love for you to follow our exciting journey by joining our friends list here on our website and following us on our social media pages below.

If you have any comments or questions we would love you to leave them below or email us.

Take care

Andrew & Carolyn

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Find Your Flights

Skyscanner is a great tool for searching websites and airlines around the world to make sure you get the best available price possible.

Book Your Accommodation is our go to tool for booking hotels. It always gives us a large variety of hotels at great rates. We also use Airbnb as a wonderful alternative for those places you may want to go and live with the locals.

Always Get Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a must and this is speaking from experience. Comprehensive protection will protect you against illness, injury, theft, accidents and cancellations. Just in case something goes wrong, heaven forbid. We never travel without it, having used it several times over the years. World Nomads have years of experience and knowledge to look after all your travel needs.

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