House Sitting Oxford

House Sitting Oxford

Written By: Andrew
June 22, 2019

House Sitting Oxford

Rugged up try and keep the cold from permeating the layers of our clothing. We sit, coffee in hand waiting for the next chapter to unfold. Wind blowing, we cast our eyes towards the tracks hoping our train will arrive soon so as to escape the chill on Worcester station. With Ruby and Willow still at the forefront of our thoughts we step onto the train as the warmth encompasses our bodies. Now the clickity-clack of the wheels reverberating through the train we turn our attention to house sitting Oxford. Ahead lies a short stay with Tara, Phoebe, some ducks and chooks. Located at the end of a gorgeous lane way sits a country cottage oozing with character. Behind the gates hides a lovely English garden albeit still in its winter coat. House sitting Oxford should be a cosy relaxing time spent with some lovely animals.

house sitting oxford back yard travel is sweet

House Sitting Oxford – Tara, Phoebe and the Domesticated Fowl

Tara is an older, deaf Lab but with an amazingly sweet nature. She loves to be hugged and reciprocates in kind. Though not as agile as she once was, she still has the gumption to run as though a puppy. The large rural backyard is her playground, which she explores with vigour. Come walk time you would think she was a puppy again, she just loves to get out into nature. However, when she is within the confines of the cottage she loves to curl up on her rug and sleep. Phoebe a black and white cat while not as visible as Tara, could be found curled up in her favourite spot above the stairs. Although, less social than Tara she did visit Carolyn’s lap for the occasional smooch and scratch. Come feeding time they both would make their presence known.

house sitting oxford tara travel is sweet  house sitting oxford phoebe travel is sweet

House sitting Oxford also came with a new animal to care for ones we hadn’t sat with before. Ducks!!! As we would find out there was little difference between caring for ducks and chickens. Though not personal like Tara and Phoebe, they did have their own quirky nature. At times they would be curious of what I was up to on the outside of their pen. However, once I was inside the pen it was “run for the hills” 😊, as too the chooks. Having never grown up with chocks or ducks (although Carolyn did) a great perk was fresh eggs. What a difference in taste, fresh eggs have over store-bought eggs. Overall our first adventure with ducks was a positive experience.

house sitting oxford the ducks travel is sweet

house sitting oxford the chocks travel is sweet

House Sitting Oxford Homeowners

Besides the array of animals that were in attendance, there were the lovely homeowners Jennie and Chris. They graciously picked us up from the hotel we were staying at. Welcomed us into their home with open arms and made us a very tasty cake 😊. Also, they gave us the grand tour and explained everything we needed to know for our stay. We had a lovely chat getting to know them before they had to leave on their well-earned break.

Overall, we had a wonderful time house sitting Oxford. While making new friends in Jennie and Chris but also spending amazing time with Tara, Phoebe, ducks and chickens.

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Andrew & Carolyn

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