House Sitting Easingwold

House Sitting Easingwold

Written By: Andrew
July 3, 2019

House Sitting Easingwold

As we navigate our way through the outskirts of York, the scenery morphs from suburbia to Yorkshire countryside. The houses replaced by rolling countryside dotted with grazing animals. The wind howls cutting through with icy abandonment. The likelihood of rain hovers as we arrive to begin house sitting Easingwold. Ahead lies a relatively short stay with a lovely old English chap named Eric. Whom will provide us company while Helen his owner relaxes in the Italian Alps. Easingwold is a quaint English village located 21 kilometres north of the city of York.

house sitting easingwold abode travel is sweet

Our Abode

While Easingwold is surrounded by modern homes the village centre is steeped in English history. The New Inn is not as the name would apply having been a coach stop in the 19th century. Filled with character and charm from times past.

house sitting easingwold the new inn travel is sweet

The New Inn

The Georgian town square is surrounded by cosy cafes, tasty eating venues and a sweet ice cream shop. But our favourite place was on the main street called Morning Coffee Afternoon Tea. But house sitting Easingwold was all about Eric, a Border Terrier. Eric was such a beautiful soul, his age was defined by his zest for life. While, he loved to stay snuggled up in the chair or on the floor near the gas fired heater, he found youthful energy when it came time for his walks.

house sitting easingwold eric relaxed travel is sweet

Eric Relaxing

Though the years had curbed the amount he was able to do. What he did, he did it with vigour. When it came time to relax, he loved his belly being scratched. Another fun little quirk was the stares he would give us, if only animals could talk and give us an insight to what they were thinking.

house sitting easingwold eric stare travel is sweet

Eric and his stare

House Sitting Easingwold was Relaxing

Overall, our time house sitting Easingwold was very chilled, we had time just to spend soaking up the atmosphere that is Easingwold. Coffees in our favourite Café, which Eric would head towards anytime we walk past the entrance.

house sitting easingwold neighbourhood travel is sweet

The Neighbourhood

Enjoying our strolls through the village and surrounding streets. Albeit, only a short stay we had an amazing time with Eric. House sitting Easingwold will be remembered with fondness and Great Coffee 😊!!!

house sitting easingwold village square travel is sweet

Easingwold Village Square

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Andrew & Carolyn

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  1. Estelle Anderson

    Easingwold sounds a lovely village to enjoy a relaxing house sit. And I love the pics of Eric. He certainly does look a charming English gentleman. We have enjoyed visiting the outskirts of York in the past. Next year we are hoping to house sit in the UK & Europe. Thanks for the inspiration

    • Andrew

      Thanks, Estelle yes Easingwold and York are both lovely. We had lots of fun house sitting across the US, Europe and Thailand.


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