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House Sitting Witley

House Sitting Witley

Written By: Andrew
July 10, 2019

House Sitting Witley

Hedges stand high over the well-worn lane. Sunlight pushing through the tightly knit leaves. Behind, lays acres of rolling farmland covered by green fields tended by grazing animals. A far cry from the dusty parched sun burnt outback of our homeland Australia. Manoeuvring through the tight laneways and blind curves we head towards our next adventure, house sitting Witley.

house sitting witley the tree travel is sweet

What will this new phase bring? Our house sit is positioned in the farmlands of Worcestershire near the hamlet of Little Witley. Approximately 15 kilometres north-west from Worcester. Our abode for the next three weeks is a converted barn, with modern amenities, an abundance of rural views and two lovely dogs. Graciously our homeowner Denise has invited us two days early so she can show us the routines of Ruby and Willow. Denise also to give us a tour of the local area and attractions.

House Sitting Witley Ruby and Willow

Ruby is a Bedlington Terrier with a loving nature, she adores people. Bonding with us straight away, which was really nice. She loves having her belly scratched and would give us a big hug every morning when we came down stairs.

house sitting witley ruby travel is sweet

Ruby has a funny little ritual when it comes to eating her food. Taking her first three bites away from her plate to chew and then after the her third trip she would then eat the rest from her bowl. Living in a rural setting Ruby has plenty of space to explore, play and try catching the rats living under the trees. House sitting Witley also afforded us some wonderful walking locations. Shrawley Woods was a favourite for Ruby and Willow, allowing them to chase each other and have fun exploring the woods.

house sitting witley shrawley wood travel is sweet

Sometimes, Ruby would disappear for a while and we knew we could find her in our room at the window bathing in the warm sunlight. Likewise, Willow would more than likely be laying at the same window soaking up the warmth. Willow is a Whippet that is quite timid having been adopted by Denise. Like a lot of rescue dogs she was friendly, but still a little timid.

house sitting witley willow travel is sweet

However, after a few days she became a completely different dog. Willow loved being petted and was like a lap dog getting up on our laps as much as she could. When we would go on our walks, once she was off her lead she would run like the wind. Boy could she run, exploring the local fields and chasing the ball was her favourite past time. However both Ruby and Willow loved to sleep.

House Sitting Witley Sightseeing

House sitting Witley, gave us the opportunity to do some sightseeing. Denise graciously loaned us her car. Thus, we were able to take the dogs on some wonderful days out to explore the country side. One such trip was to Wales to see the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct in the town of Llangollen.

house sitting witley canal boat travel is sweet

Canal boats use the aqueduct to navigate across a wide valley. Both Ruby and Willow had a great time walking along the canal.

house sitting witley pontcysyllte aqueduct travel is sweet

We also visited Malvern twice, once we walked up Malvern Hill with lovely views of the surrounding country side. Albeit, the haze limited how far we could see. The second was for lunch at The Nag’s Head Pub with some friends. House sitting Witley was a wonderful time , spent with to wonderful dogs Ruby and Willow. Still miss my morning hugs with them.

house sitting witley malvern hill travel is sweet

If you are interested in house sitting and not sure how to get started head over to our new “Mentorship Academy” and we will show you how.

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Andrew & Carolyn

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