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Tucson to Deming

Tucson to Deming

Written By: Andrew
September 21, 2019

Tucson to Deming

Having had a restful night sleep we arise from our slumber, looking forward to what the day has to offer. Day 2 takes us from Tucson to Deming New Mexico. Having completed some of the section before with Bob and Pat, new and uncharted scenery awaits. Carolyn had to do some work before we left, so I packed the bags and loaded them into the car. I also went down and had a waffle for breakfast included with our nights stay. We were on the road by 9am heading east to the state border. Today’s road trip would cover approximately 410 km, visiting Silver City NM and City of Rocks State Park. Once again, the surrounding scenery was much of the same from yesterday. Passing the exit to Tombstone we now are in new unseen territory. Would it bring with it a different terrain?

Tucson to Deming section of our road trip also had us go through an immigration check point. The officer was friendly and commented we were about the 10th Aussies to pass through today. Aussies love to travel 😊. Further ahead, the landscape changed for a brief moment. We went into an area that seemed out of this world. Very unique rock formations within a 2 km section of the I-10 freeway near Dragoon Arizona. Albeit a fleeting change it was a very welcome change.

tucson to deming dragoon rocks travel is sweet

Our focus now is set to capturing a photo of the state border. Not exactly sure where it is, we keep our eyes peeled. For probably half and hour we think each sign is it 😊. However, it finally appears and there is room to pull over and park and get the obligatory selfie. We weren’t the only ones lol.

tucson to deming selfie travel is sweet

Tucson to Deming a New State

Having crossed the border into New Mexico we hoped for a change in landscape, but to no avail. It reminds us a lot like, driving through South Australia and the Nullabor. This would be further enhanced when we turned off at Lordsburg heading towards Silver City. Sam our GPS takes us via the quickest route and this section I thought she had got it wrong. A section of about 20 km was a very isolated and lonely section of road. Glad we had lots of petrol and water just in case. Within a couple of minutes, we were in rolling hills with green trees, what a vast change! Sam then wanted us to turn onto a dirty road which I refused and so she recalculated 😊. GPS can’t live with them, can’t live without lol. Silver City came and went not much to see.

tucson to deming silver city sign travel is sweet

tucson to deming silver city outskirts travel is sweet

Next stop City of Rocks State Park, I had googled this, and reviews said it was worth a visit. Upon arrival and an entrance fee we decided to save our money and use it at another location.

Forward and Back

Now others may have paid and loved it but from what we saw from the entrance we believe we might use our money better elsewhere. We did get some pictures.

tucson to deming road to city of rocks travel is sweet

tucson to deming rock outcrop travel is sweet

This was my Lake Alice!!! What, you ask, is a Lake Alice? My dad would know as we coined this phrase after he had taken us to Lake Alice which on the day was a dud 😊. I now lay claim to my own Lake Alice lol. We now turn our attention to our final destination Deming New Mexico our home for the night. Day 2 travel completed, stay tuned for Day 3. If you miss day 1 click here.

tucson to deming sign travel is sweet

tucson to deming hotel travel is sweet

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Andrew & Carolyn

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