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Deming to Roswell

Deming to Roswell

Written By: Andrew
September 22, 2019

Deming to Roswell

Will Smith, Drew Barrymore and Richard Dreyfuss and now the Deagle’s all have one thing in common. What is it? We all, have had, close encounters with aliens 😊. Well kinda!!! Day 3 our road trip takes us from Deming to Roswell “do do do do”.

deming to roswell sign travel is sweet

Our day begins early as we have about 450 kms to travel with a couple of stops along the way. As per usuall coffee is needed, but the closest Starbucks lays 100 kms away in Las Cruces. The scenery is a carbon copy of the last two days until we reach Las Cruces and our coffee. Las Cruces is a large town which shocked us a bit. Caffeine now streaming through our veins we head off into a mountain trail not knowing what is in store on the other side. Will it be more desolation or something different? Only time will tell.

As we begin our ascent of Organ Mountains, we reach about 5000 feet, with Organ Mountain climbing to reach a height of 9000 feet. From the lookout that sits at the top we pull over to admire the desert plains stretching across to meet the mountain peaks and Lincoln National Forest on the other side about 90 kms. Certain areas of the desert between these mountains is used as a missile range.

deming to roswell organ mountain travel is sweet

It also contains the Holloman Airforce Base and the New Mexico Museum of Space History. However, our purpose was to visit the “White Sands National Monument” that lies within.

White Sands

There are various routes from Deming to Roswell, but I chose to take this route specifically to see these two locations. First on the agenda was “White Sands National Monument” encompassing 275 square miles of the surrounding desert with dunes of wave like gypsum.

deming to roswell white sands monumenttravel is sweet

Approaching from the west we could see the low covering shrubs and bushes morph into clear white sand dunes. To say the least, it was pretty awesome, the closer we got the more beautiful it was. Being that it is a national monument we are able to use our “America the Beautiful” pass saving us $10 each admission. Entering onto the loop road that tracks it’s way through the sand dunes you get a perspective of the enormity of this natural phenomenon. The dunes seem to get whiter and more isolated the further in you delve.   

deming to roswell white sands travel is sweet

The dunes are home to an array of animals such as, birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians. However, we only saw some birds and a white lizard. You can also camp in the park over night an additional fee is charged. Several tours are available to take, one we would have like to do is the sunset tour but unfortunately it was not feasible because of the driving we still had in front of us.

deming to roswell white sands plant travel is sweet

Stopping at several pullouts we climbed up the dunes to capture some pictures and also to take in the amazing vistas. Although, we didn’t linger outside too long as it was extremely hot and the car very cool with the A/C on 😊. Our time spent in White Sands National Monument was worth every second, we are so glad we visited.

deming to roswell dune travel is sweet

Cloudcroft and the Wilderness Beyond.

Leaving the monument, we turn left heading east towards Lincoln forest and Cloudcroft which sits at 8500 feet above sea level and is considerably cooler than White Sands. Climbing steadily, and the temperature dropping, the scenery has changed from desert to green lush pine trees.

deming to roswell view back travel is sweet

Nearing the top of the pass we come to the Rails to Trails restored trestle bridge. Pulling into the carpark with only one other car we thought we’d get quality time alone to admire the bridge. However, that was short lived as 6 cars pulled in not long after. We were able to get some pictures and take in the views and then we continued our journey from Deming to Roswell. Traveling through the lovely hamlet of Cloudcroft we could image how pretty it would be in wintertime with snow on the trees, as it was picturesque now.

deming to roswell trail to rail travel is sweet

Descending from Lincoln Forest we are amazed that when we reach the bottom of the pass how isolated and desolate it has become. Approximately two hours of driving, we passed a handful of cars and two ranches if we were lucky. I’m glad we had no car troubles as there was nothing around. I can’t imagine how explorers in the early days navigate this section of land, it is very remote and secluded. Isolated as it was, ironically there was a port-a-loo on a bend in the road. Which by luck we needed one. So out in the boon docks we both use the pottie 😊, no trees to be seen.

deming to roswell potty travel is sweet

Roswell Reached

Off in the distance, lightning flashes, rain clouds gather, we must be approaching alien territory. Eyes peeled, senses heightened you never know when to expect a meeting of the extra-terrestrial kind lol. Closer and closer, hairs bristle on my nape would today be the day ET meets the Aussies (rofl). Ok, its getting a bit cheezie now. The road has brought us to the airport, and we must navigate our way around it. Surprisingly it is quite a large airport. Must be the alien international arrival point 😊.

deming to roswell car yard travel is sweet

Coming into Roswell we are greeted by little green men everywhere, one buying a car another waiting in line at our hotel and lots walking the main street. Surely, ET must have grown up around here. Green is the new black everyone in Roswell is wearing it.

deming to roswell et travel is sweet

Sorry about the corny alien jokes but once I started, I couldn’t stop myself 😊. While I’m glad we came it’s not somewhere I would rush back too. Today, traveling from Deming to Roswell while long and for the most part boring, it has been fun. Stay tuned for Day 4, if you missed Day 1 or Day 2 click on their links to read.

deming to roswell flower travel is sweet

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Andrew & Carolyn

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