Boondocking Desert Rose Casino Alturas

boondocking desert rose casino alturas

Boondocking Desert Rose Casino Alturas

Written By: Andrew
April 8, 2020

Boondocking Desert Rose Casino Alturas

You would think we love casinos, considering where we have stayed. Our next location is boondocking Desert Rose Casino Alturas.

boondocking desert rose casino alturas and lot

On our way to this location we stopped via All RV Needs in Klamath Falls, as our furnace is not working and the temperatures have been freezing. Stay tuned for the post on these guys. We have a distance of approximately 165 kilometres to travel. The scenery while not very interesting, it has a beautiful winter feel with a lot of the area still covered with snow. Having just under a half a tank of gas I thought we would have enough. However due to the full water tank and lots of mountainous roads we arrived into Alturas on a smell of an oily rag, I reckon. Albeit, I still had a 5 gallon petrol container spare if we needed it.

Desert Rose Casino Alturas

Boondocking Desert Rose Casino would be classed as a very weird place to stay. Alturas is a small country town in Northern California and not on the main highway route. However, it suits our needs perfectly as it gives us the free parking we need. Having set up Cup Cake with all the essentials, was a considerable cost, but one we had planned for.

boondocking desert rose casino alturas large lot

However, what we couldn’t plan for or foresee was the drop of the Aussie dollar in these crazy times of COVID. Hence, everything is costing a lot more. So, to be able to stay at as many free locations as possible is helping us catch up. Therefore, finding places like Desert Rose Casino has been a God send.

boondocking desert rose casino alturas entrance

Desert Rose Casino is located on 901 Country Road 56, Alturas, California. Turning off US-359 you travel for about 1.6 kilometres and turn right into the casino.

Boondocking Desert Rose Casino is certainly a decent place to spend a couple of nights. The parking lot is large enough to accommodate bigger motorhomes with plenty of turning space.

boondocking desert rose casino alturas our spot

Most of the lot is bitumen, however the back part of the lot is hard packed gravel.

boondocking desert rose casino alturas gravel lot

The lot is well lit and the driveway is flat. Normally you would have to use of the casino (as a sign of goodwill for staying for free), but due to COVID 19 it was closed to the public. There was a large dumpster for rubbish and the lot was very clean.

boondocking desert rose casino alturas entrance to parking lot

We had decent AT&T data signal for our laptops. We shared the lot with one other RV for one night, so we felt safe. However, on 1 night a car pulled up and was playing really loud music for about 30 minutes late at night before driving off.

boondocking desert rose casino alturas view


Overall, boondocking Desert Rose Casino Alturas has been a handy little stop. Most boondockers properly wouldn’t stay here as it is located in a remote country town. However, if you are passing through and need a place to crash for the night you won’t be sorry you stopped here. Beside the one noise car, it was relatively quiet and safe. There is no dump station or water facilities here.

boondocking desert rose casino alturas creek


Cost: Free 2 nights
Access: *****
Location: ****
Cleanliness: *****
Site Quality: *****
Noise: ****
Safety: ****
AT&T Signal: ***
GPS: 41.4773, -120.524

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