Twin Falls Idaho 3 Must See Locations

twin falls idaho shoshone falls panorama

Twin Falls Idaho 3 Must See Locations

Written By: Andrew
June 5, 2020

Twin Falls Idaho 3 Must See Locations

What comes to mind when you think of Twin Falls Idaho? Most Aussies and for that matter many Americans would say I do not know, I have never heard of it. Ditto, would have been our response not that long ago. Well I am here to tell you that it has 3, must see locations. However, you must have transportation as 2 locations are a little out of town. Where is Twin Falls Idaho you ask? The state of Idaho joins the borders of Washington, Oregon, Montana, Nevada, Utah and Wyoming. Twin Falls lies in the southern central part of Idaho. Snake River meanders its way past the outer limits of the city and is part of all of our 3, must see locations.

twin falls idaho the flow

Although, not a part of our top 3 locations, Twin Falls has another claim to fame. Unbeknownst to me it was also the site where Evel Knievel tried to jump Snake River Canyon on his motorcycle back in 1974. While we did not see the monument, we did see the canyon he tried to jump. Amazingly I remember watching this when I was a kid on TV. For those who do not or maybe have forgotten, his attempt failed. Two famous people that where born near Twin Falls are Gary Puckett – 70’s pop singer and Nikki Sixx – Motley Crue fame.

twin falls idaho snake river canyon

Twin Falls Idaho Shoshone Falls

twin falls idaho shoshone falls panorama 2

Shoshone Falls is our first location to visit, dubbed the “Niagara of the west” it is located approximately 11 kilometres to the east of Twin Falls. At 212 feet tall it surpasses the height of Niagara Falls.

twin falls idaho the falls

Spanning 900 feet wide the Snake River cascades over the falls on its way to join the Columbia River further west in Burbank Washington. Upstream is Shoshone Falls Dam which diverts water from Snake River into the hydroelectric power plant. About 250,000 to 300,000 vehicles enter the park every year. Shoshone Falls park is open all year round from dawn to dusk. Entrance into the park is $5 per vehicle from March 30th to September 30th.

twin falls idaho admiring the falls

Parking overnight is prohibited. Caution should be taken when driving from the park entrance to the car park. Especially larger vehicles and RV’s will find it a little tight. However, it is definitely worth a visit.

Twin Falls Idaho Hansen Bridge

Hansen Bridge while not overly spectacular it is an amazing feat of engineering. The first bridge to span the Snake River canyon was built in 1919. It was a steel suspension bridge, with a wooden deck just 4.3 metres wide and only suitable to carry light wagon traffic. However, it did finally provide a much needed connection over the canyon.

twin falls idaho hansen bridge sign

This first bridge was replaced by the current bridge in 1966, thus allowing for heavy traffic to flow across the canyon.

Known as the Veterans Memorial Bridge it carries Idaho State Highway 50. Located 15 kilometres from Twin Falls it is worth the time to have a look. Free parking can be found on either side of the bridge.

twin falls idaho hansen bridge

Twin Falls Idaho Perrine Memorial Bridge

twin falls idaho perrine bridge panorama

Finally, our closest location to Twin Falls is Perrine Memorial Bridge. Lying just 7 kilometres north from the centre of town. The Perrine Memorial Bridge spanning 457 metres across Snake River Canyon. It rises 148 metres above Snake River and is the 8th highest bridge in America. The original bridge was opened to traffic in 1927. However, due to the ever, increasing traffic and weight requirements the bridge had to be rebuilt.

twin falls idaho perrine bridge

The current bridge was finished and opened to traffic in 1976. It has 4 lanes and carries Interstate 84 across the canyon. Free parking can be found on either side of the bridge.

Perrine Memorial Bridge in Twin Falls Idaho is also a popular world renowned spot to base jump. As luck would have it, a base jumper was jumping the day, we visited it.

twin falls idaho base jumping perrine bridge

For someone like me, that does not particularly, like heights, it scared the crap out of me watching him. However, I guess for him it is an adrenaline rush. The jump itself was lucky if it lasted 30 seconds. From the surrounding vantage points and the bridge, itself, you get incredible views of Snake River and the Canyon, both to the east and west.

twin falls idaho perrine bridge panorama 2

As mentioned before just east of the bridge is the ramp used by Evel Knievel in his attempt to jump the canyon in 1976. Next to the bridge is a monument dedicated to Evel Knievel.

Final Thoughts

Albeit, Twin Falls Idaho may not be a place that would normally make your list of places to go while visiting the US. Given these points, if you are travelling near Boise Idaho it is worth taking a detour and to have a look. Other notable places within the vicinity are: Craters of the Moon National Park and Morley Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area.

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