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Where Are We: We are now in Austin Texas for our house sit until 29th of September. Just completed a 2150 km road trip from Phoenix.

Welcome all to Travel is Sweet. Our names are Carolyn and Andrew Deagle a married couple from the beautiful Gold Coast in Queensland Australia. We fell in love with traveling in 2004 and in 2018 changed our lifestyle and begun our lives as full time international house and pet sitters. Having sold our unit, car and most of our possessions we now travel full time. We decided to create our travel, house and pet sitting blog to share our experiences and journeys with you and hopefully give you some valuable tips and tricks. Share some beautiful photos, fun videos and entertaining stories we have gained in our travels over the years.

This big wonderful world offers so many travel opportunities and for those yet to travel it can be a daunting task of knowing where to start organizing your plans. Our aim is to provide useful information that will make the process a lot easier for those new travelers and house sitters.

We have been fortunate to travel to four continents and sixteen countries at present. The USA and Canada have been our main ports. However, we have just completed stops in the UK, Europe and Thailand. Our motto of travel is sweet dream it, experience it, treasure it certainly rings true for us. We have had amazing experiences, but also some that we wouldn’t like to happen to anyone. All together they have creating spectacular memories and we have learnt many useful tidbits we are eager to pass on.

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Travel Footprints

Over the course of our travels, house and pet sitting, we have journeyed to many a destination leaving behind our travel footprints. Beginning with our honeymoon in 1987 all the way through to our current house sit in 2019. We thought it would be informative to list our travel destinations separate to our house and pet sitting placements. We shall also include the wonderful and interesting animals we have had the pleasure to be step parents for. Of course, we will update our list as we venture into new destinations and enjoy more pets.

Destinations Traveled

australian flag travel is sweet Australia (5 States)
new zealand flag travel is sweet New Zealand (both Islands)
usa flag travel is sweet USA (38 States)
canada flag travel is sweet Canada
china flag travel is sweet China
hong kong flag travel is sweet Hong Kong
new caledonia flag travel is sweet New Caledonia
vanuata flag travel is sweet Vanuatu
england flag travel is sweet England
scotland flag travel is sweet Scotland
switzerland flag travel is sweet Switzerland
wales flag travel is sweet Wales
fuji flag travel is sweet Fuji
spain flag travel is sweet Spain
thailand flag travel is sweet Thailand
myanmar flag travel is sweet Myanmar
singapore flag travel is sweet Singapore
finland flag travel is sweet Finland

House & Pet Sitting

australian flag travel is sweet Australia (4)
usa flag travel is sweet USA (5)
england flag travel is sweet England (6)
switzerland flag travel is sweet Switzerland (2)
scotland flag travel is sweet Scotland (1)
thailand flag travel is sweet Thailand (1)
Dogs (23)
Cats (12)
Chickens (15)
Guinea Fowl (5)
Cockatiels (8)
Fish (3 ponds multiple fish)
Ducks (3)
Rat (1)

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Top 10 Destinations Part 1

Top 10 Destinations Part 1

It’s been fifteen years of travelling since we caught “The Travel Bug”. Countless kilometres travelled via planes, trains, buses, cars, ships, ferries and good old fashion foot power. For this reason, I have put together my top 10 destinations to date. Having seen a...

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House Sitting Witley

House Sitting Witley

Hedges stand high over the well-worn lane. Sunlight pushing through the tightly knit leaves. Behind, lays acres of rolling farmland covered by green fields tended by grazing animals. A far cry from the dusty parched sun burnt outback of our homeland Australia....

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Island Travel Inn

Island Travel Inn

As we continue with our hotel reviews from our recent trip through Northern USA and Canada, we now look at our stay in Victoria. Victoria is a beautiful city, it is also the capital of British Columbia. Situated on the southern tip of Vancouver Island, it is the ferry...

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House Sitting Easingwold

House Sitting Easingwold

As we navigate our way through the outskirts of York, the scenery morphs from suburbia to Yorkshire countryside. The houses replaced by rolling countryside dotted with grazing animals. The wind howls cutting through with icy abandonment. The likelihood of rain hovers...

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Travel Bug

Travel Bug

We have all heard of it, but not all, have been bitten by it. So, my question to you today, which one are you? Michael Palin said, “Once the travel bug bites there is no known antidote, and I know that I shall be happily infected until the end of my life”. Such a...

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Mentorship Academy

Mentorship Academy

Twelve months ago, I resigned from my job of nearly seven years. Several emotions welled within my being. Joy, as I had become disillusioned with my career, and travel was at the forefront of my thoughts. However, mingled in was a sense of sorrow as I was leaving a...

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House Sitting Oxford

House Sitting Oxford

Rugged up try and keep the cold from permeating the layers of our clothing. We sit, coffee in hand waiting for the next chapter to unfold. Wind blowing, we cast our eyes towards the tracks hoping our train will arrive soon so as to escape the chill on Worcester...

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Round the World Airfares

Round the World Airfares

According to Travelonline in 2016 “Australian’s spent an average of AU$15,000 on travel each year”. So how much do you spend? In fact, I believe most Aussies realise that we pay a premium for travel compared to the rest of the world, due to the distances....

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House Sitting Chiang Mai

House Sitting Chiang Mai

Twelve months ago, I wouldn’t have believed we would be house sitting in Chiang Mai. Thailand was to be a stopover, catch up with a friend followed by some relaxation time at a resort. However, “the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry. No matter how...

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