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Where Are We: We are now in Easingwold for a 7-day sit :-) looking after 1 dog.

Welcome to Travel is Sweet. Our names are Carolyn and Andrew Deagle a married couple from the beautiful Gold Coast in Queensland Australia. We fell in love with travelling, in 2004 and now travel, as often as we can. So you can follow our journey, we have decided to create our own Travel blog to share our experiences with you and hopefully give you some valuable tips and tricks. As I am a keen photographer, we 'd also like to share some beautiful photos, fun videos and entertaining stories we have gained in our travels over the years.

This big wonderful world offers so many travel opportunities and for those yet to travel, it can be a daunting task of knowing where to start, when organising your plans. Our aim is to provide useful information that will make the process a lot easier for those new to travel. Carolyn and I have been fortunate enough to travel to several continents and countries, from Canada to China with stops in the US and New Zealand, Travel is sweet! To say we have had some amazing experiences, would be an understatement , we have also experienced some things that we wouldn’t like to happen to anyone. We have created spectacular memories and we have learnt many useful tidbits we are eager to share.

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Travel Footprints

Over the course of our travels, house and pet sitting, we have journeyed to many a destination leaving behind our travel footprints. Beginning with our honeymoon in 1987 all the way through to our current house sit in 2019. We thought it would be informative to list our travel destinations separate to our house and pet sitting placements. We shall also include the wonderful and interesting animals we have had the pleasure to be step parents for. Of course, we will update our list as we venture into new destinations and enjoy more pets.

Destinations Traveled

                                       australian flag travel is sweet Australia
                                       new zealand flag travel is sweet New Zealand
                                       usa flag travel is sweet USA (37 States)
                                       canada flag travel is sweet Canada
                                       china flag travel is sweet China
                                       hong kong flag travel is sweet Hong Kong
                                       new caledonia flag travel is sweet New Caledonia
                                       vanuata flag travel is sweet Vanuatu
                                       england flag travel is sweet England
                                       scotland flag travel is sweet Scotland
                                       switzerland flag travel is sweet Switzerland
                                       wales flag travel is sweet Wales
                                       fuji flag travel is sweet Fuji

House & Pet Sitting

                                        australian flag travel is sweet Australia (2)
                                        usa flag travel is sweet USA (3)
                                        england flag travel is sweet England (6)
                                        switzerland flag travel is sweet Switzerland (2)
                                        Dogs (18)
                                        Cats (9)
                                        Chickens (15)
                                        Guinea Fowl (5)
                                        Cockatiels (8)
                                        Fish (3 ponds multiple fish)
                                        Ducks (3)

Latest Blog Post

Hotel Seattle Review

Hotel Seattle located at 315 Seneca Street Seattle didn’t have the best reviews but we thought we would give it a chance. It was well priced, centrally located in downtown Seattle and close to transport. Using we have found to be a terrific way...

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Three Cats in Chicago

With a mere 10 days left on our visa and countless miles travelled, three cats, await us in Chicago for our final house sit in the USA. Touching down at Chicago Midway Airport, we now have to decide, how to get to our sit. Will it be via a train, taxi,...

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Motel 6 St Louis Airport

Over our years of traveling, we have stayed in many hotels ranging from cheap to very expensive. We are very easy going and can handle most hotel rooms that maybe a bit questionable. I can’t remember ever leaving a hotel, just after checking in, and not staying, even...

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West Mersea

Three months and 10500 Kilometres (6500 miles) travelled in the USA, we now head to the United Kingdom. Ahead of us waits the great unknown, new landscapes, different cultures, new people. Will we thrive and survive or wilt and die. Questions that shall ultimately be...

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My First Published Article

When we first started our travel blog it was always my aim to one day have my articles published in magazines. This would be a huge undertaking for me, due to the fact that I have never been a good writer or for that matter speller. Therefore, to reach my goals I...

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Victor Idaho USA

Our Airbnb in Victor Idaho was in a rustic log cabin, situated along the foothills of the Grand Teton. It was a peaceful location and offered a short 30 minute drive to the Grand Teton National Park, Jackson and Mormon Row. Kara was our gracious host and...

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Rock Springs Wyoming USA

Our Airbnb in Rock Springs Wyoming was our first foray into the Airbnb world and to our surprise we were blown away by the accommodations. Brett’s place was located in a quiet street, it incorporated the bottom floor of the house. It was spacious, newly...

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If you are on a budget, or don’t have a lot of ingredients, and you want a quick home-made treat, try this recipe. Ingredients Makes: 12 cupcakes 125g caster sugar 115g unsalted butter, softened 2 eggs 125ml milk 50ml lemonade or mineral water (or extra milk) 225g...

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Frating UK

The Airbnb stay in Frating UK was amazing and we are so glad we chose to stay here. From the moment we arrived, we were greeted by lovely accommodations and a wonderful host Susan. The Annexe as it was called, was completely self-contained. It was a beautifully...

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