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Boondocking Honey’s Arco Idaho

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Boondocking Honey’s Arco Idaho

Written By: Andrew
July 5, 2020

Boondocking Honey’s Arco Idaho

Have you ever woken up and wished you could stay in the warmth and comfort of your bed? Especially, when we crawl out of bed to be greeted by sub zero temperatures! Confirming that we need to replace the batteries that have died the day before. With no charge in the batteries, comes no furnace which in turn leads to no heat in Cup Cake this morning. Hence, the need to visit a RV Shop today and hopefully get new batteries. However, as the day pans out all our plans go up in smoke.Boondocking Honey’s Arco Idaho, starts with some challenges. Firstly, the RV shop guy says the only way to check if the batteries are dead, is to have them fully charged. Unfortunately, our batteries are dead, so we will need to rethink how we will do this.

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Secondly, we are planning to stay at Egin Lakes campground for the next couple of days. Only to find out upon arrival it is also closed due to COVID 19. While we did not stay here it looks like a great place. So, where to now? Having sort of planned our next stop, we checked Campendium to see if there was a closer spot. However, none stood out, so we have decided to head to Honey’s.

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Thus, a 150 kilometres road trip lies ahead of us. This particular stretch of road turns out to be very flat and boring. However, off in the distance we can see the snow-covered peaks rising from the surrounding plains. This gives us something to focus on. Also, I think we see about 15 cars this whole trip. So, not the busiest of routes which is fine by us.

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Boondocking Honey’s Arco Idaho Review

Boondocking Honey’s Acro Idaho turns out to be one of the best spots we stay at. While Arco is fairly isolated from any major cities, it does have that mid-west country feel to it. Idaho Falls is the closest city. However, Arco is well placed if you wish to visit the popular “Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve”.  Located just 31 kilometres south west of Arco on US Highway 26.

boondocking honey's arco idaho craters of the moon

Honey’s is an interesting place. Owned by Scar and named in honour of his daughters yellow Labrador who passed away in 2012. Scar has graciously opened up his property to allow fellow boondockers a place to stay for free. With the added bonus of electricity if you would like it.

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Scar is a character and a great bloke to have a chat with.  Which is a must if you stay here.

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A part of staying at Honey’s is that you must make an effort to mingle with Scar and campers. Which is pleasurable, as you get to hear some wonderful stories from Scar and fellow travellers. This is usually around the campfire, which Scar lights early afternoon. Wi-Fi signal is good allowing streaming on Netflix. Electricity is available 30/50-amp connections. Scar has several conditions of entry, which can be found at his website.

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One major rule… don’t feed his dog as she has allergies. Honey’s is a free dry camping ground, as such there are some things that are not available. No potable water, restrooms or dump station. However, all these are available just around the corner.

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Please bear in mind Scar has generously opened his property for free to us. So, while there are some minor issues, these are easily overlooked. Boondocking Honey’s Arco Idaho is well worth spending time here.

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Boondocking Honey’s Arco Idaho Rating

While the ratings below are just a guide to Boondocking Honey’s Arco Idaho, I give it 5 stars overall. We gave a donation, and we think you will want to as well.

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Cost: Free stayed 3 night
Access: *****
Location: ****
Cleanliness: *****
Site Quality: ****
Noise: *****
Safety: *****
AT&T Signal: 2 – 3 bars
GPS: 43.627798, -113.293856

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Andrew & Carolyn

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