House Sitting Cassie

Border Collies, English Setters, Whippets, Jack Russells are just a few of the dog breeds we have had the privilege to care for. However, of all the dog breeds one sits atop of the bunch as my favourite breed. Having had three of them over the years, I have been looking forward to the day we got to house sit one. Thus, as we head towards Gloucester, I will finally get my wish. House Sitting Cassie has been booked in for several months and as the train pulls into the station the time is fast approaching meeting her. Gathering our suitcases, we head for the exit to meet our Home Owners. We are greeted warmly by Steve and Catherine and exchange pleasantries as we head towards their car. Ahead lies a ten minute journey to see Cassie, and where we will be living for the next 3 weeks.

Pulling away from the station, Steve and Catherine point out some places in Gloucester we can visit during our stay. Also, showing us the closest shopping centre and Chinese restaurant. Driving through the narrow lane ways, we get a sense of the surrounds that will be ours. In reality, we have found roads narrower all over England, especially in rural areas. As the hedges that encroach the lane disappears, we are introduced to the cottage, that will house us during our stay. The cottage sits within fields of farming land, idyllic and peaceful. Modern from the outside and full of the mod cons inside. Pulling in we get ready to meet the girl of the hour. Steve opens the door, I expect to hear the tell-tale signs of Cassie. But nothing is heard. It is not until we open the kitchen door we hear and see her.

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Meeting Cassie

House sitting Cassie the German Shepherd begins with the meet and greet. Cassie has been trained that no fuss would be made of her when people arrive. In fact, she has that down pat. However, she is still an adolescent thus gets very excited when she meets us. After the initial hype, she settles down and now just wants all of our attention and pats. Cassie is a beautiful looking shepherd and over the course of our stay we get to see her lovely personality mixed in with her puppy side. As with all puppies, she is very playful and loves to chase her ball, stick or whatever we throw for her. Tug-o-war is another favourite of hers and boy does she get into it, growls, shakes her head and pulls like a mallee bull. Lots of fun and we both have a great time.

cassie stare house sitting cassie travel is sweet

As a result of walking her twice a day, I quickly remember that I am getting older as my muscles feel every pull from Cassie’s youthfulness. Once we are out in the fields I let her off the lead and away she goes, without a care in the world. But, she constantly stops and turns around to see I am still following. It’s so nice to see that even though we are new to her she is watching out for me. Once, while playing on our walk in the field, l laid flat on the ground as she wasn’t watching me. On her next turn to check on me, she couldn’t see me, but I could see her. She came racing to see where I was and once she found me licked me to death as I cuddled her. Memories of my German Shepherd “Emma” come rushing back to me.

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Taming the Puppy

In fact, by the time we have nearly returned to the house from our walk, has she stopped dragging me along 😊. However, cleaning the mud off her when we get back is a fun little dance. I can understand her point of view as the water was cold, but being clean was our major objective. Once hosed off I would say shake and she would, so cute. Now inside, the puppy has been tamed and she finds a nice warm and cosy spot to fade into La La land. House sitting Cassie reminds me of our three German Sherpherds, Cassie, Emma and Kirra. Although she is still going through the puppy stage she is a very loving, loyal and affectionate dog. I have had an awesome time with her, though my body may not agree as much 😊.

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My love for German Shepherds is still as strong as ever, but our journey in the house sitting realms has broadened my horizons to other amazing breeds of dogs. Breeds I hadn’t even heard off or had the pleasure to get to know. All with their own amazing personalities and quirks. It truly is a special period in our lives to share with these remarkable animals. House sitting Cassie has been a pleasure and we thank Steve and Catherine for the time we had with her.

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House Sitting

If you are interested in House Sitting we can assure you it’s a wonderful way to travel. In fact, our way of life, via house sitting is truly spectacular. If you enjoyed this, please take a moment and read our other post from house sits we have completed.

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