Queens Fish and Chip Bar Droitwich

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Queens Fish and Chip Bar Droitwich

Written By: Andrew
March 18, 2019

Queens Fish and Chip Bar Droitwich UK

Coming to the UK we had been told about the amazing fish and chips that were available. Hence, we were eager to try some having been away from home for over three months. However, after numerous attempts, we started to believe finding a shop that sold great fish and chips in the UK may be just a myth. Eventually, we came across Queens Fish and Chip Bar in Droitwich Spa. Finally, we had found a shop that served great fish and chips.

Upon entering there was a line up to order which is always a good sign of decent food. We had decided to order fish and chips also some potatoes scollops and scampi. The guys that served us were very nice and had a joke with us. Even though it was busy it didn’t take too long for our order to come to our table. We were very surprised at the quality of the food and the portion size. The fish was very tasty, lovely batter and fish soft and flaky. The chips were cooked perfectly and tasty beautiful as were the potato scallops and scampi. We had actually ordered way too much food, we should have just ordered the fish and chips to share between the two of us.

Fish and Chips

As we ate we had a great conversation with the guys behind the counter about our travels and how good the food was. The price was not too bad, but if we hadn’t of over-ordered then it was a reasonably priced meal. That was my fault 😊 my eyes are bigger than my stomach (just, lol). We enjoyed it so much we came back for another meal, this time just ordering the fish and chips and sharing it.

I would highly recommend having a meal here if you are ever around the area, you won’t be disappointed. If we ever come back to Droitwich we will definitely stop in and get the fish and chips. Thanks, guys we really enjoyed the food and conversation. Below are their details.


fish and chips map travel is sweet

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